Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wednesday afternoon: Art Museum

On Wednesday afternoon we went to the Phoenix Art Museum. They had an exhibit of Ansel Adams photographs. He donated all his notes, negatives, and photos to one of the universities in Phoenix, so there were some very interesting pictures. There was a series of pictures he took at Yosemite the first time he went there when he was 14 years old. They had the negative and several prints of "Moonrise over Hernandez," a very famous picture. It was interesting to see it in several versions. I think my favorite picture was of the Grand Canyon; only carved cliffs, no horizon, no foreground, and of course only black and white. Amazing!

There were more exhibits that were interesting also. This was an exhibit of 1940s fashion, with an emphasis on changes because of the war and women joining the work force. There was a whole set of uniforms, and a pattern and examples of clothing made out of parachute silk.


Then, next to that, there was a series of textiles from Indonesia, Sumatra. The gold work and the weaving were beautiful.


We also enjoyed a photography exhibit, an exhibit of Japanese teapots, and a glass of sangria.

We are enjoying our vacation.

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