Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fiber Fest

On Friday my friend Marj and I went to the Fiber Fest at the Lake County Fairgrounds in Grey's Lake. We had a wonderful time!

In the front of the festival they had demonstration/try-it areas for weaving, spinning, and rug hooking. I wove a little mug rug with sheep on it:


I could have kept going for quite a while on this, but there was more to see and do. You can see how much fun I was having. In the background you can see the spinning area. I didn't get any pictures from there, but I did spin a couple of yards of a nice thread, much thinner than I have been able to achieve before. I still have to decide how to get from spun fiber to a yarn I could use for knitting (or anything else!).


I didn't get any pictures of the shopping and the vendors... I was too busy. There was so much to look at, it was a little overwhelming. I did pick up some fingering weight yarn for a scarf/shawl I like the look of, I got yarn for a tutu skirt for C, and I got the pattern and yarn for a lace shawl.

There was quilting, spinning, a sale of raw fleece, ceramics, lots and lots of yarn, fiber for spinning and for felting, beading, soaps, leather handles for bags, and some displays of modern interpretations of antique handbag patterns. Much to look at and enjoy!

After all this shopping it was time for some refreshment; we went outside to have some lunch: delicious pulled pork and lemonade. Then we wandered over to the animal barns. There were several angora rabbits on display inside, but the llamas were happier staying outside. Isn't this little baby adorable?


The had a demonstration of how the llama go through obstacle courses, but of course, I didn't get any pictures of that. Here is a contestant waiting for his turn. This handsome gentleman got a nearly perfect score (as far as we could tell) even though he was more interested in his surroundings than in the course.


They look so proud, don't they?

Here is the group we spent the day with. Marj is in the pink, her sister-in-law, and another friend.


It would have been a perfect day, except for the 2 1/2 hours in traffic on the way home. The experience was worth the traffic, though. I think the traffic was bothering me more because we had spent 4 hours in traffic on Wednesday, getting P to his orthodontist and back home. He is getting his braces off for his birthday!

Stay tuned for our Saturday adventures!