Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ruthie's new outfit

Last week I made a sweater and hat for Ruthie. (She's my 18-inch-doll who's main job is to try on outfits for C's doll Isabella.) Doesn't this color look good on her? It only took a couple of hours to make the sweater, and a couple more to make the hat. I have another pattern with a cable in the front (same designer, also a raglan sleeve). I got some yarn today to make a pink sweater.


I finished my 4th pair of granny slippers. for our group we have 12 pairs made, 8 to go. All of us are finding it difficult to knit with the doubled yarn. My elbow gets sore, another's hand hurts, and another has problems with her wrist. (It is much easier to knit with baby yarn... see above.)


I actually worked on a temari this week. Barb Seuss has a new book out!

New Book on Japanese Temari

You can order it here. One of the techniques helped me to get past my brick wall; I am working on a multi-face (around 132 faces, I'm not quite sure yet). The marking is done, and I'm ready to start the stitching. I will get pictures for you next time.