Saturday, April 24, 2010

Friday: Carefree, Arizona

On Friday we drove to Carefree, Arizona. On our way there we stopped at an outlet mall and did some shopping. I got a cute blouse, and some clothing for people who keep growing out of their things. Then we had lunch at the Horny Toad. They had some of the best apple crisp I have ever had!

After lunch we pressed onward to the main shopping area: at the corner of Easy Street and Ho Hum Road.


They think they are pretty cute! The shops were touristy, art gallerys, real estate offices, and several hair salons. This is quite an upscale area. Some of the shops are suffering from the economic down-turn. Some of the houses (that we could see from the road) were amazing.

Since this is such a layed back area, though, they keep time with a sun dial. We were there shortly after 3.


(I did have to go back to get the picture after the sun came out from behind the clouds.) This is the gnomon:


In the little plaza there is another cowboy statue. I must say, there was artwork almost everywhere you turned.


Saturday DH and my dad got in a round of golf, and I worked at catching up with all my blog reading (and writing). On Tuesday we start our trip back. Right now the plan is to go through Monument Valley! The time until then will be taken up with packing and closing the house for 6 months.

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