Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy birthday to the Blog!

There were no comments on my last blog post, so I will not be giving away any of the stitch marker sets.

DH and I bought one succulent pot, and liked it so much we built ourselves another. They are very beautiful this year. Three of the plants have flowered this year. Aren't these coral flowers pretty?


This "purple" plant is taking over this pot. The plant in the front has been sporting pretty little yellow flowers.


The plants in these pots remind me of my grandma's house. She had a south-facing wide windowsill that was always crowded with house-plants, including a healthy pot of hen-and-chickens that always interested me.

I certainly have enjoyed blogging the past five years, and I love the fact that I have the diary of my handwork during that time. I wish I had started 20 years ago!