Monday, November 15, 2010

Alphabet Sampler 2

Here is a picture of some progress on the Alphabet Sampler.


I Stitched ACHJK, NOP, R, the new numbers, the Fleur de lis and maple leaf motif, and the needle, thread, and thimble motif. According to my calculations, I am now at 40% done, which means, this project would not take forever to finish. (I also rolled the scroll bars, which is always a momentous occasion.)

I have also resolved the color dilemma: It doesn't really matter! LOL I stitched 3 letters in the darker color, and DH cannot tell the difference. Plus I discovered the floss I had used originally, which did turn out to be an Anchor color, 168. I am not going to take out the 3 letters I stitched, because I couldn't tell the difference this morning. Under my daylight bulb I can, but I don't think anyone will be studying it that hard. I am going back to the original color, though.

Thank you Karen, Debi, and Mom for your advice, it did help me to get going on this project again.