Thursday, April 22, 2010

Train spotting?

Last year, when we came to Arizona, we came on the train. So this year, the whole time we were in New Mexico, when we were within sight of the railroad tracks, we watched very carefully to see if we could spot the passenger train.

We saw lots of trains. Some with two engines on the front, and two "helper" engines on the back, puffing their way up the grades.


This one had 5 engines! You can see from the smoke how hard these were working.


The tracks were at times south of the express-way, and at times north. They would be a stone's throw away, and a mile away. The trains would be container trains, or hopper trains, or tankers; but we didn't see any passenger trains.


It was fun watching them, though, and watching out for them. Those tracks were busy!

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