Friday, July 9, 2010

New Camera!

I got a new camera last night, a Canon, and I tried it out this morning. Here's a row of my thimbles. I think this is going to work! I replaced a couple of the worst pictures in my earlier posts.


I took another picture of my small purse from Contemporary Embroidery, and I decided to post it here, because the picture is good enough so you can see the stitches. There are little tiny spider web flowers (see how to make the stitch here) and french knots, all on a yummy silk background.


DH was talking on the phone with a friend the other day, and made a comment that warms me all over. He said "It's because I married right. You know the old saying 'Happy wife, happy life.'" I'm not exactly sure what they were talking about, but I am happy, and the foundation for that is him and our relationship.

To DH: I'm glad to have had a part in making your life happy!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cutest Grandkids in the World!

What's a grandma to do when these two cuties ask for a picture? Take it, of course and show it off to the world.

I can't believe how big these guys are getting. I can hardly pick P up at all, and I have to be careful with C, to not hurt my back. They both still like to sit in my chair with me when I'm doing something interesting, so I do get my cuddles.


C has decided that all her Webkinz need to be dressed.

I am very pleased and proud to be able to tell you that I passed my Japanese Temari Association level 1 and level 2 certification.

This is a scan of the translation of the Level 1 application. It feels quite strange to see the Japanese characters, but cool at the same time. After you are accepted at level 2, it takes a couple of years of practice to get ready for level 3. For these two levels, you only had to send pictures to Japan, for the next 2 levels you have to send the actual temari. After I had turned in my applications, I was ready to not look at a temari for a while, but I'm enjoying working on them again, and can face the prospect of 3 to 5 years of practice with interest. I think I'm addicted.