Friday, January 16, 2009

WIP #2

This is a personalized sampler from Nouveau Encore designs. I really like the pattern, but it is a WIP (almost an UFO [unfinished object]) for a couple of reasons. I'm getting nervous about running out of the variegated thread (to do list: buy more thread) and I was getting insecure about the overall color choices. However, now that I look at it (for the first time in months!) I think the color is fine. I was questioning the light green, wondering if the value was too bright for this piece, but looking at it here it doesn't seem to pop out too much at all.


It is personalized with names and initials of many people who are important to me plus my own.


The motifs also have been chosen according to my interests and background. The cross, anchor and heart stand for "faith, hope, and love." The windmill is my Dutch heritage, the bee is French. Acorns stand for children. The empty square is a Bible page where I will fill in my favorite verse (at least the reference). This is just a third of the pattern, and the rest is just as full of meaning as this part.

This section includes 3 important dates. (Can you find them?)


Both my guilds are interested in learning how to make Temari! My Indiana guild is talking about a weekend workshop but I would be more comfortable with a regular meeting project to get people started. We could always have a second, more advanced class with those who are (still) interested after that. I am not planning on doing the NANI SAL this year, even though I really like Drawn Thread patterns. As I continue to post WIPs, you will probably see why.

I signed up today to take two on-line classes in Temari. The first one starts at the beginning of February.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Crayon Temari

This is my latest temari, made while I was hibernating from our snowy (yesterday), frigid (today) weather.


The base is cone thread, marked with black perle, and stitched with 6 colors of DMC perle. It was fun and quick to make, but now I wish I had made my bands thicker. It looks a little sparse. It is my crayon temari because I used the primary and secondary colors (the main ones that come in the box of 8 crayons).

It is a c10. I tried to use the v-ruler (or angle ruler). I had the length measurement right, but I wasn't too accurate on the angle. The ruler I am using is printed on paper. I think I have to laminate one to keep the angle more rigid. The v-ruler "should be" a simple way to mark a c10 mari, but I need to keep practicing.

I know I was complaining earlier in the week about not having any time to stitch. The weather has helped with that situation. I stayed home 2 nights in a row because of the snow and cold.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Temari ball

I gathered all my notes and pictures into one place to make a Temari notebook. While I was at it, I numbered all my balls just out of curiosity. This one is number 27!

There are three different types of intersections on this ball: places where 4 bands meet, where 3 bands meet, and where 2 bands meet. The instructions showed how to work the interweaving at the bands where 4 and 3 bands meet, but did not show anything where the 2 bands meet. I thought if I consistently worked the 2-band meeting the same way it would turn out. Nope! it turns out you have to be careful your ball is turned the same way each time you work a 2-band. So I did the same thing the pattern writer did, I covered those intersections with the embroidered daisies (they are just straight stitches with a french knot in the middle). I wonder if she had the same problem? The difficulty is that I don't know how many "over" and "under" intersections I are going to have until after most of the weaving is done, and by then I have messed up.


In the pattern the mari was black, and the marking stitches were not showing, but I didn't have a perle cotton that matched my mari perfectly. I tried to make it inconspicuous. I do like how this one turned out.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Back to "real life"

I finally finished this Temari. I couldn't figure out why it was taking so long until I described it to someone: C10, extra marking, 20 tri-wing figures in variegated DMC perle, 12 Kiku on 20 centers. The pink is #5 perle, the white, #8.

My fingers got sore pushing the needle through the mari; I think I may have to unearth my thimble. But I like how it turned out.

My next one is coming along as well.


I've been reading every one's reasons for blogging, and one of the benefits people mention is that there's more incentive to keep at projects when other people know what you are working on. So I am going to show my WIP (work in progress) for that reason. This is Martina Weber's design "Indian Summer Afternoon." It is definitely more than 1/2 way done, but there is a lot of work left on it. The fibers are fun to stitch with, a lot of variegated, mostly silk. The rayon is not fun (the black) but everything else just glides.


I was just running over my schedule this week, and the next full evening I have to stitch is next Friday! How did that happen? I may have to pull out more WIPs just to have things to talk about (but my mom and DH read this).