Thursday, October 9, 2008

Silk wrap

This is my favorite wrap. It is 100% silk, and the colors are luscious. It is a tapestry from Thailand. The warp threads are the red/maroon color, and the weave is a tabby weave with the other colors woven through in the patterns you see.


I have a vest that includes the exact same colors as this wrap, so it makes a very nice outfit. It is amazingly warm, and I love to run my fingers over it. If my fingers are rough, they catch on the tiny strands of silk, but if they are smooth I can feel the tooth of the silk threads. The fringe seems to be sort of an afterthought. The fringes are a completely different color, and are attached with a running stitch. It's a good thing the silk thread is so strong!

This was a gift from my former boss when he returned from Thailand. He got one for his house as well.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


This is a beautiful, soft shawl in turquoise and black. It feels just wonderful, and when you read the label you can see why. It is made of pashmina and silk, and has a beautiful design woven into it.


The wikipedia article is very interesting, and I (just now) learned a lot from this article about this item. This one is a "wrap" or "stole" size.


I haven't used it too often; I have to find the right outfit for it. I attended a wedding this weekend, and noticed during that time that shawls and wraps are very popular for "dress-up."

Two other people got to dress up for the wedding as well. P was ring bearer. Check out the tux, the boutonniere, the patent leather shoes, and the watch! He loves to dress up!

Ring Bearer

C loves to dress up too. She was one of the flower girls. This is her with aunt J and me. (Mommy was standing to the side, pinning up C's hair, that is why we are holding her hands, to keep her still. It was so exciting!) Mommy and daddy were beautiful too, but I didn't get any pictures. I'm excited to see the photographer's pictures when they come out.

Flower Girl

You could hear a collective "aw, how cute" when they walked down the aisle, and there were smiles on every face (except for a few that had tears!). It was a wonderful day. (The bride and groom were beautiful too, P and C's auntie and new uncle.)