Friday, January 22, 2010

Sampler Temari

Well, I didn't finish this one last night, but I'm far enough to take a picture without showing any blank spots. I wanted to make this one so I would have examples when I teach the chrysanthemum stitch of the different ways you can treat your stitches. I wanted to be able to say "when you stack your stitches" and point to the green and purple face at 1 o'clock on this picture; or "when you use descending herringbone" (8 o'clock).


This one shows a rose, and a entwined star, the descending herringbone again, and a layered star.



I don't think it is beautiful or especially striking, but I do think it will be very useful. I used #8 pearl thread, and I didn't have as many shades of colors to work with as I would have liked. I do like using the #8, though. I have 2 more faces to do, and I think I have patterns that will work.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dreary Weather

The weather is very dreary today, and was dreary also on Monday and Wednesday. We did have some sun on Tuesday, contrary to what the forecasters were saying, so I have been able to continue stitching on my latest temari. It's taking so long because I am using it for a sample of all the ways you can stitch in a pentagon, to use for my next class when it starts. I have to come up with 12 different patterns/color combinations, and I'm having to scour my books and wrack my brains to come up with that many. I find it easier to play solitaire or play on facebook, which is why this one is taking so long. I only have 4 more faces to go, so I hope to finish tonight. The temari is not turning out beautiful, but it will be interesting.

If you are longing for pictures, there is some wonderful work to look at here. I'm writing the "Show and Tell" posts for my guild, and it is a lot of fun.

We have this trio watching over us at home.


From left to right we have Isabella, Diamond, and Ruthie. Isabella and Diamond are sisters, Ruthie is a cousin. Isabella is ready for dance class, while Diamond and Ruthie are dressed for the outside weather we are having. The three of them together are a little disconcerting if you are not expecting their gaze; our dog barked at them the first night they were up there, and he's still giving them a wide berth. You never know what trouble 3 girls can get into (or can get you into, if you are not careful).

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sugarplum Fairy

The Sugarplum Fairy is done! The face is not quite as cute as the one in the picture, but is very acceptable for an embroidered face (not my strong point!).


In fact, the whole front of the stocking is done, with just the assembly and the cupcake name-tag left. Here it is:


It is quite busy! LOL In fact, I was thinking it was too busy this morning, but now that I see it from a little further away, I think it will be fine. C is very happy with it.

P checked out the progress this weekend as well. He liked it, and was ready to start getting jealous until I told him a "blue snow-man" would be coming his way soon, then he was happy.

So for now I can get back to making JTA temari.