Thursday, January 8, 2009

Challenge from Pin Tangle--SharonB

Sharon Boggins from Pin Tangle has asked:

"There are lots of people in the craft world starting a new blog or have just started a new blog for the new year. According to statistics many will start but will flounder and stop.
I though I would throw out a bloggers challenge and ask why do you blog? What are the advantages? If you have time, share your ideas with me and new bloggers on your blog, swing back here and leave a link so people can follow it. "

I had been reading blogs for a year, and more people I knew were beginning blogs. Several people encouraged me to begin a blog; but I couldn't imagine myself writing about WIPs (Works in Progress); I usually work on large cross stitch patterns and don't have very many finishes, so I resisted for quite a while. Then one day I saw Jude's library blog, and I thought "I could do that!" I started blogging to record and comment on my textile collection along with comments on current projects and daily happenings.

The benefits of blogging are what have kept me going. I am enjoying the friendships that are beginning to grow, and the sense of community. A hidden benefit has been that my family can keep track of what I am working on on their own schedule. I'm enjoying showing off my treasures, and I've learned a lot too. I am amazed that I am even enjoying the process of writing; for many years writing in English was difficult for me. I look at my blog stats and I get excited when more people visit. I'm even approaching my 100th post. These are many small reasons that add up to blogging being a very satisfying activity.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

12th Day of Christmas


VS Myrrh

Here's the latest Temari ball, and I think it turned out great. The base is cone thread, it is a s16 division with DMC spool metallic for the marking thread, and DMC #5 perle for the embroidery. I thought I was copying one of the Temari from "4 seasons" while I was stitching, but when I was done I went back and looked and the color arrangement is different. (It is actually sort of a combination of 3 different ones.) I really like how it turned out.


This is the first Temari I stitched with doubled thread; I think it took longer to make sure the threads were arranged smoothly than it would have taken to just stitch it twice with single threads. It was good practice, though.

I'm taking a pile of Temari to my guild tonight; I wonder what people will think of them.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

11th Day of Christmas


VS Frankincense

Seeing this pattern started on a stand in Designer's Desk is what inspired me to stitch it. This is my favorite of the three gifts. The designer is Victoria Sampler.