Friday, October 25, 2013

Half September, most of October

Due to overwhelming requests from my fans (thanks mom!) I am back.

I finished reading the Gabaldon books about 3 weeks ago, but I had given myself permission to take a break until Halloween, so I took it. The problem with that is is that now I am even more out of the habit of blogging.

I really enjoyed reading the whole series of books in one stretch; I did see some things differently, but I am still hating the cliffhangers. When I was done I had to "cleanse the palate" by reading something else. Every morning when I got I would still wonder what Claire and Jamie were doing...

We had a guest in the back yard for about a week:


He lived there for so long that we named him! He is Peter, because Peter Parker had a real relationship with spiders. His web was amazing. It went from waist-height on the fence in the back yard up to the canopy over the back door, and the electric lines from the house next door. The web was repaired every day for that week, and the spider was either on the web, or hiding in a curled up leaf that had attached itself to the web. We checked it every day, and C would announce that she was going to run screaming past it every time she went out the back door.

I did a couple of handwork things while I was gone. In September my guild collected baby bibs for charity. I made a cute one:


C had her birthday in October, and we went to the zoo. Here she is at the wolf exhibit:


DH, DD1 and C hanging out with a polar bear.


 We brought our own picnic, for a change. I was going to post the pictures of that, but I don't think my family will speak to me if I do. This is a picture of the peacock that was trying to share our meal:


Here's a picture of C, P, DD2, and DD1 looking at the bald eagle.


Tomorrow is a family reunion in Michigan, and we are going to try to recreate a picture from our youth; it should be fun!