Thursday, September 6, 2012

What's been going on

I finally admitted yesterday (to myself) that I am depressed. It is not a severe depression, just more of a persistent case of the blues, but it has been here for some time. When I mentioned it to my family, they all said, "Duh!" I wish they had told me, I would have started doing something about it sooner. Yesterday I went for a walk, and I hope to get some exercise in today too; that is the main thing to do to get over a depression. Of course, when you are depressed it is hard to get going too. I hope that working on this will help me get back to my stitching. I miss stitching temari so much, but when I think of picking up a needle I just get faced with a big wall of blank, and I can't do it. I will be okay, but thank you for listening.