Monday, January 28, 2013

Reader's Wrap

My sister asked me to knit her a "Reader's Wrap." This is an original picture of the pattern she was looking at:  (Click the picture to go to the web-site.) 

We shopped together on line, sending links back and forth with pictures, colors, and fiber choices. She wanted it to be washable and warm, so I picked a super-wash wool: 


(DD2 modeled it for me before I mailed it.) The pockets are big enough to hold a paperback book.

The note I got back from my sister:

I got your package, and I love it!
The colors are beautiful, the work is nicely done, and it is perfect to wear in a chilly house.  The best thing is that my big sister made it for me, and when I put it on, it's like a big warm hug.

Valerie, I am so glad you like it!

DD1 spent time hanging out with us on Saturday. She had been shopping and saw a blanket/throw she liked at West Elm. When I looked at the picture, I said "I can make that!" (straight single crochet). She wants it big, but crochet works up very quickly... I already have 5 inches done. She picked out her own colors which I think are lovely. The only thing is... it may not be any cheaper than the original. We shall see... pictures to follow.