Sunday, October 21, 2012

More camera problems

Well, after posting 4 times last week, I fell off the wagon last week and didn't post at all. I wanted to, but my camera would not talk to the computer. It's always something, isn't it?

I was looking for a picture of my lacy shawl, that I finished some time this summer, and I could not find a picture. Then I looked on the blog, for the post about finishing it, and I couldn't find that either, which means that you probably haven't seen it yet!

Bonus pictures of the new porch too!


Here you can see the pattern:


I finished knitting the slipper socks for my dad. They are not assembled yet, and since they are going to be felted, there is a sea of yarn. I really worry they are going to turn out good; I can never tell before they get felted. I'm afraid they will be too wide and not long enough.

I did knit a couple of bandana cowls. This is bulky Bernat Alpaca (I think it is 25% alpaca and 75% polyester) so the knitting went very nice and quick. I was only going to knit one, but I ran out of yarn; on the bind-off! So I made the other one just a little shorter, and  it turned out just as nice.


It uses short rows to shape the bandana point, and the garter stitch edging hides any problem you might have picking up your extra stitch from the "wrap and turn."

Since I finished the slippers, I gave myself permission to start my new fair isle mittens. They are on size 1 needles, so I have to get going so they will be ready by the time I need them. Red and white hearts! I hope they turn out good.