Friday, January 29, 2010

Newspaper Article

My EGA guild made the papers! Here's the article about our programs for the coming year, notice the Temari classes in September and October. Also, if you look at the pictures you can see a whole stack of temari balls on the show and tell table; what can I say, it was a good month!

What I'm looking for on the temari from yesterday is sort of an acrostic (with English characters) that would fit in the spaces on the ball. "Temari" would fit in one of the directions...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Boxes or Frames?

Here's the temari I was working on last night. I was looking at a temari in the "Temari for 12 Months" book, and this is close, but no cigar. This is a c8 with additional marking lines; the marking lines were no problem, except I think I need to make the final lines (around the squares) in metallic instead of the disappearing white. I practiced them first with my snowflake temari.

The biggest difference is that in the book the squares make frames around the squares, and in this one the colors are too thick, and they make boxes instead. In the book the triangles get 3-point stars and the frames get Japanese characters, written in red. I couldn't think of what to write in red, so at first I wasn't too worried about the openings being so much smaller, but now I don't like the look at all. Does anyone have any suggestions for an inscription? There are 18 spaces.


I'm hoping to make this my last c8 for JTA submission, so it has to be right. I can't work on it tonight either, because I have to wrap temari for my class on Saturday.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sampler Temari, all 12 faces

I took pictures of my sampler temari this morning. I used pins to keep track of the faces I had already photographed, so if you see a pin, that is what it is for.

Purple & Green: two kiku stars, different sizes, layered.
Blue: two five-point Kiku stars, interwoven. I was trying to do something different with the color arrangement.
Green & pink: two stars, interwoven.


Blue: two stars, interwoven descending herringbone.
Coral: "rose" pattern, layered pentagons.
Violet: Intertwined star.


Coral & pink: intertwined pentagons
purple: intertwined pentagon and kiku
violet: simple descending herringbone kiku


Purple: 2 intertwined kiku
Violet: 2 different colored interwoven kiku.
Blue: 2 shaded interwoven kiku


I used the set of pearl #8, and was sad that there were only 2 shades of most of the colors. I did get out DMC pearl for the blue shades, since I wanted more than 2. These colors don't really do it for me, but it will be a wonderful help when I teach.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Bunk Beds

No stitching at home this weekend... I feel kind of lost. I was all set after our errands on Saturday to hunker in and then friends called and we went out for the evening. It was a lovely evening, but... I did take some temari cores with me and conversed with my hands winding thread randomly but that still doesn't fill the void.

On Saturday morning I had some commission work. C received a gift of bunk beds for her babies from my friend Marj, but there was no bedding. DD2 suggested using one of the character sheets from when she and her sister were little (their grandma loved giving them sheets) and I found a Strawberry Shortcake top sheet and pillow case. Plenty of fabric! I covered two mattresses and attached the top sheet, and made 3 pillows (one for each baby). I'm not done yet, though, I have to make the comforters/duvets. C wants them to feature the kitty from the fabric (because it's so cute!). I haven't quite worked out yet how that is going to work.


Here they are sleeping sweetly in their new beds.

I did actually finish the 12-face temari on Friday; I will share pictures of that tomorrow.