Friday, May 15, 2009

Finished Grandmother's Star

Last night I (finally) finished stitching on this temari for the "Grandmother's Stars" class I am taking/took with Barb Seuss. This temari was challenging for several reasons. It is very large, by far the biggest one I've made so far. It has multiple centers (32 to be exact). It has several layers: the division (metallic thread), the stitching around every center (light purple), continuous stitching (the light green thread), and the Kiku stitching. I was hoping to finish it on Wednesday night, but I still had the dark purple step around every star, and it takes a couple of hours to do each step.


I am very excited about what I learned with this temari. I learned several ways to do the 32 center division, and the centers came out more even than any I had tried before. I still need more practice, but there's a definite improvement. I love the continuous stitching (the green layer). There's a challenge temari in the lessons with only that stitch on it, which I may or may not get to, but it is a lot of fun.

Last night I got this one done in time to start on my next Temari. This is a 32 center which will have overlapped kiku stitching on every center. It will be cool, I promise. This is another of the challenge Temari from the class; elements we learned to stitch combined in different ways, with different colors.


It looks blurry, but I think that is only because the thread is sparkly, and throws the camera into a tizzy.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Back to real life!

Last night at guild I "taught" a class on how to make a biscornu or tuffet. Mostly, I handed out the directions, and explained the seam. I worked on this:


It's not quite a tuffet; it has 15 sides. I still need to add a button in the middle, and since I trimmed the corners so closely, I have to add something to cover the mess that resulted; I think a bead on each corner would look nice.