Friday, October 28, 2011

Odds and Ends

Well, I had hoped to have a little finish to show you today, but it didn't happen. So here is my work in progress. This is the "Paintbox Scarf" that I mentioned a little while back, and this is my progress on it so far. I am really enjoying knitting this. It is not so complicated that I have to have complete silence when I am working on it, but it is involved enough so that it is not boring. I am enjoying the color changes. By the time I get tired of one color, another one starts appearing. I must say, though, I am not crazy about the mustard yellow. (It will change soon enough.)


This is the other side... don't pay any attention to the edges on the purple section. That is where I started, but the edges are getting better and better as I go along.


I was given a box full of yarn, all of it wool! There are at least 1/2 a dozen cones like the green (all in guy colors), a couple of cones of boucle, several spools of the white, in 2 and in 3 ply, and 2 spools like the mohair on the left. I have plans for that one!

Any suggestions for what to do with them? They are not soft and cuddly. I think they were originally for weaving. If I cannot think of projects, they will be very gratefully used to wrap temari.


Thank you Lore (and Jane)!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dorky new hat

I was reading blogs, and found a pattern for a hat made with bulky yarn on the Purl Soho website, and since I happened to have a lump of bulky yarn sitting on my footstool, I decided to make it. As usual, I was running out of yarn, but ended up with about 24 inches of the blue left over at the end. (The green is from my floor doily.)

I am having issues with my gauge... this hat turned out way too big for me. It fits DH, but he says it looks dorky. It is Very Warm, so if you need a warm hat, and don't mind looking (a little) dorky, let me know, and it is yours. If no one chimes in, it will go to a charity.


Who knows, if this is a cold winter, I may make this again with new yarn and smaller needles, because I like it!