Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Attic

Yesterday I got a chance to go to The Attic in Mesa, Arizona. That store is amazing! The walls are full of models with exquisite stitching, all of it on very fine linen, and a lot of it over one. There was a display case with temari (!) and every brand of floss and fiber you could imagine. They had a lot of Southwestern patterns I had never seen before. They had racks of dyed fabric, displayed in a way you could see. There was a Christmas corner, and a Halloween shelf, and a whole area full of samplers.

DH even gave it a rating: "One of the best he's seen." (He's seen a lot of them!)

I went over my budget (of course). I picked up "Christmas in Hawk Run Hollow" (which I have been falling in love with since it was published). I picked up 1/2 a dozen balls of size 12 pearl cotton to make larger thimble rings. (Laura gave me a bangle bracelet to use as a base.) I also picked up a bunch of Au Ver A Soie to use for regular size thimbles, and I picked up some roving to use to pad thimble bases.

I've been admiring "Inspiration" by Rosewood Manor for a long time. There was a stitched model in the shop, and my jaw dropped when I saw it. The people in the center medallion are all over one. There's a farm, complete with barn and sheep, a church, and several houses. The border is so delicate and intricate that I could look at it forever. I did resist the temptation, but I can feel myself weakening. I would have bought it in a minute if my cross stitch production wasn't so meager lately.

I think I need new glasses.

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