Friday, June 8, 2012

Knitting Club

"Niting Club" was a lot of fun, and C learned to knit! Look at her progress!


And look at those smiles. Everyone at the group was very proud and impressed by how well she did. She came home and told her mama "you can knit too, mom, all you do is "in, around, through, off." That is the chant we said for each stitch. She stuck with it too, as you can see by the progress. (It is a scarf for Isabella.)

I did get a little time to work on my project:


It is also a scarf, worked in hexagonal motifs, picking up stitches from around the previous work so there is no seaming at the end.

Working from the outside to the center is what makes the cool spiral, but it is not the easiest knitting.


There are just a lot of sticks and a lot of skinny thread to deal with. The yarn does tend to fall off the needles, too, which usually means pulling out the motif and starting over. Luckily it doesn't take that long per motif! I am enjoying the knitting, but will probably give away the scarf. Are you interested?

Monday, June 4, 2012


I don't really have any stitching to show for the last week and a half. I did finish two chemo caps, and I started a medallion scarf, but there is not much to look at there yet.

We have been busy, though. Last Tuesday my annual cancer check-up was scheduled, which was cancelled just 2 days before. I always prepare myself for this visit, so it was quite a let-down for the appointment to be cancelled. DH had taken the day off, and we had plans to spend the afternoon with DD1 and have dinner with her and C in the city. DH and I decided to go ahead and keep our plans; I will go to my appointment alone next week.

DD1 showed off the new office she designed (gorgeous, elegant and welcoming) and had a tour of the building it is in, which is not completed yet. It was somewhat of an eye-opener to see how the other half lives. The penthouse will be a very elegant residence with gorgeous views of the city.

The rest of the afternoon we shopped a little bit. We found a futon store and bought a cover for our futon in the basement, we stopped at the bead store to pick up beads for a beaded knit hat, and explored Whole Foods. I got a pound of cherries, the first I had seen this year, but they were expensive. $7.00 a pound! Those may be the only cherries I get this year.

After shopping we went to see J & C's new apartment. It was looking much nicer than last time I was there, on moving weekend. It is much brighter and roomier than their old place, and the furniture was not all in pieces on the floor (like it was on moving weekend). We went to dinner at an upscale pizza place within walking distance of their house. The pizza is cooked in a wood-burning oven, and the crust was crunchy good. J and I shared a pizza with cheese sauce and asparagus, C had sausage & mushroom, unlike any I have ever had before, and DH had the special with prosciutto and olives. On the walk home we stopped for an ice cream cone. We were enjoying each other's company so much we didn't want to leave, but we still had quite a drive to get home.

I have been training on how to do the ordering for our local food pantry. I have not been able to log on to the website to do it yet; that will have to be sorted this week. The scheduling for the pantry and thrift store is done for the next quarter, and I have been asked to be in charge of grocery packing on Fridays. It helps quite a bit that I am the oldest of 5, I got used to bossing people around at a young age. Everyone is always so helpful and cheerful, it is always a pleasure.

The rest of the time this past week (actually, for the past couple of weeks) has been preparing for DD2 to move in with P & C.

Here is a partial list of what we have been doing: build a deck in the basement for the drum set. Move the music room from the spare bedroom to downstairs. Make curtains for the music room. Paint the spare bedroom. Replace the shower head. Change the curtain in the bathroom. Change the toilet seat. Buy and assemble the bunk bed. Move more music stuff to the basement. Decorate the music area. Shampoo the basement carpet. Move DD2 from old home to new. Hang new pictures. Empty the storage closet to make room for DD2's extra furniture. Make room in the bathroom for toiletries for 3 additional people.

We are very excited they are finally here.

We contracted for new gutter covers... hopefully that will happen this week, we will be sorting and organizing, and C is very excited: she will be learning to knit (or as she wrote on the calendar: "niting with granma").  Knitting group extended an invitation to anyone who wants to come to join us, with no age limits. The only request is that anyone younger than junior high bring their own adult.

My medallion scarf is very interesting to knit, but takes quite a bit of concentration, so it is not getting worked on all the time. You pick up stitches from the existing work, and knit from the border in. I am using a very pretty variegated yarn in coral, green and blue.

Yesterday my sister and BIL stopped by on their way back home in Ohio; we had a lovely meal together and a chance to catch up and talk about temari (and other hobbies). It was lovely to see them!