Friday, April 12, 2013

A month's worth of projects

I am sorry I have not posted in so long! There is just stuff going on, (life in general). I am participating in a GITS exchange, and I received this one for the Chinese New Year; This is the year of the snake; I love the texture on these.


My temari is stitched, but has not been sent yet. I better get that in the mail tomorrow, and then I will be able to show it to you.

I have finished one mitten, from the same yarn I used to make my paintbox scarf and my tam. It fits really well; and it should... I modified the pattern an awful lot to get it to fit. I just hope I remember what my notes mean so I can make the second one to match. It will be a fraternal twin, not an identical twin, because I am going to start the variegation in a different place.


Here is a finished baby blanket for a shower coming up. I have just about finished the surprise baby sweater in the same colors, and I think it is turning out very nice. I will be able to post pictures of that in a couple of days.


The knitting is done on this scarf, I just have to finish sewing in the ends. I really love these colors. This is the left-over yarn from the wrap I made DD1 last Christmas. Between us we came up with the pattern. It is so nice and soft!


I am really happy with how this turned out too, and I found a pattern to use up the rest of the scraps, win--win.

Day at the zoo

Last week we went to the zoo, and had a wonderful time. We saw meerkats, tigers, lions, bears, wolves, penguins, snakes, frogs, an armadillo, naked mole rats, and some that were not so naked, a polar bear, seals, giraffes, African wild dogs, dolphins, rhinos, and a condor. There was a graphic outside the condor cage to compare your size to the size of the bird. Here is P's comparison,


and here is C's. You can see the condor in the background. (C's arms are little compared to those wings!)


I have a picture of C sitting on this statue several years ago. I wish I could find it! How time flies!


It was a very breezy day, but not cold. There was an exhibit of animatronic dinosaurs but we got too tired to look at that, and we forgot to look at our membership tickets to see if we had tickets, so we saved that for the next time we go.


P enjoyed playing with all the percussion instruments in the gift shop. They had drums, maracas, rain sticks, a metal tambourine type of instrument (that he is holding) and several other things to check out. He is taking percussion in school, and you can tell he does like it.


The day started slowly, but was a definite success by the end of our time at the zoo. We signed up for a year's membership too, so we will be going back, and we saved plenty of things to look at.