Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Actual needlework!

It's been a while since I posted any pictures of needlework! Here is my mug rug that I wove at the Midwest Fiber Festival.

(Baa, baa, black (faced) sheep, have you any wool?)


I really like this, even though my selvedges are not wonderful.

I finished this scarf from one of the yarns I bought at the festival:


I really like this one. I still have to hide the two threads that are hanging, but this was a quick and interesting knit. It should be perfect to wear around my neck in an air conditioned restaurant or theater.

I finished this one too, knit on the bias with regular worsted and ruffle yarns. The colors are not exactly right, I don't think my camera believed how bright it really is. This will be a fun scarf to wear, but will cause the wearer to be recognized as a "stitchy person." I still have to hide all the thread ends from this one too.


This pair of slippers was "ordered" by C. She wanted them all pink, but I was worried that I was going to run out of the pink, so I added the lavender. I might have made it, but I might not, so better safe than sorry. Next time I will get a picture of them being modeled.


This is my newest start. The yarn is Cascade superwash wool with silk(!)  It will turn out to be machine washable.


I'm taking guesses as to what it will be (not a sweater). I love the picot edge! I have seen that on sweaters and have always thought it is beautiful.

I am teaching a knitting class, starting this evening. I hope it goes well. I limited the class to 6 people, and I have 2 people who will come to help, so it should be manageable. Tonight we are going to talk about yarn and make knitting needles.

I have also done some stitching on a temari ball! I have decided I need to expand my color choices in pearl #8. It is either that or resign myself to stitching huge balls to get in all the detail I'm interested in. I am having trouble getting a good color combination with the pearl #8 I have at hand.

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