Monday, March 22, 2010

Shadow-work Trapunto

This is the project that got all my thoughts about quilts going last week. I finished it this weekend. (Pay no attention to the bright green dots, they will eventually go away.)

To make this, you quilt around the outlines, and then fill the outlines with yarn. The colored yarn shows through the thin cotton, making the shadowed colors.


Working on this made me realize why I don't do a lot of quilting any more. It was a small piece, and was going quickly, so I didn't bother to get a thimble out of my work box, and I got a hole in my finger. Always happens!

This will become a pillow. The kit was so complete that it included the backing fabric, the ruffle fabric, the cording and the pillow form. It would be a pity not to finish it after all the help and consideration. Stay tuned!

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