Friday, March 19, 2010

Shamrock Temari

Mary Corbet at Needle'nThread posted a a Celtic Cross for St. Patrick's day. I love knotted patterns, and when I looked at this pattern I started to wonder if I could translate it into a temari.

I could see it stitched on a c8, but I had an awful time trying to get the squares in the center, the thread bent too much to use a band without a stitch, and having to add a stitch there would not work with the interlacing. I could have gone with a tri-wing, but I decided to add an extra support line for the square. When I did that I saw the design pop out at me, and went with it. (I added an extra band around the square.)


My picture is off by 45 degrees, but I hope you can see the correlation. I have started stitching several times without knowing what was going to turn out, but this is the first time I was trying to stitch with a pattern in mind, and trying to make the thread follow the "vision" I was seeing. I had to take out my first, second, third, and probably 4th tries; luckily the finished stitching covers the green stains from taking the green thread out so many times.

When I was done with the green this temari still felt a little undressed. I could see a pathway for some bands, but I couldn't work out how the weaving would work. I pulled out the quilling paper I have for measuring and pinned it around those pathways, and figured out how to do the weaving.

I'm pretty pleased by how this turned out!

I took another picture of my triangles temari so you could see how the triangles form a star.


I love the colors on this one, but I'm still wondering if there is too much gap between the triangles.

I'm having a very hard time getting used to the time change. I haven't been able to fall asleep at my usual time ("I'm NOT sleepy!"), and then, when I got so tired I could fall asleep on time, I started waking up an hour earlier in the morning! It's a good thing it's been sunny all week, because if I was tired AND depressed because of no sun I would be impossible to live with. One problem at a time, I hope I can deal.


Moonsilk Stitches said...

Both of your temaris are beautiful but I am most impressed by how you translated that design onto the temari. Very creative.

I've been miserable with the time change, too--I can't go to sleep but more I.cannot.wake.up. I've been late every morning this week (good thing it's spring break!)

Mary Corbet said...

Very nice temari!! I like both of them! I would have never thought of translating the design into something else, and I think you did a fabulous job!

Oh, the blasted time change! If it stayed at this time all year round, I'd be thrilled. But shifting back and forth - aaargh.

MOM said...

And then there will be another two hour gain to AZ time. Did I have to remind you ????

Laura B said...

I'm with everyone else on this time change stuff. I've a sleep disorder to begin with, so just one more thing to mess with me!

Really nice translation of the knot!!

Lelia said...

Hi Jane: Love your temari! So much fun to see one of your own designs.

The time change can be a challenge & we won't get that hour back until FALL. Enjoy the day

Anonymous said...


tongfengdemao said...

Wow! this is lovely! I had never heard of temari before this, but OMG! they are really beautiful things. They look difficult to make. Are they always stitched? When I first saw it (before reading) I thought your Shamrock Temari was made with ribbons.