Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Thimble: not beautiful.

Well, I tried making a thimble with the threads I located this week, and this is the result. This weight of thread is too big for a small thimble, plus I was using the wrong needle. I was having a terrible time threading the needle and stitching. In fact, I broke a needle on this thimble.

The white you see along the edge is the pattern paper peeking through; obviously my stitches were not close enough. This thread might work on a larger "thimble," napkin ring size or larger, but not on these little ones. That only leaves me with 4 colors, so now I'm shopping for thread in my head again.

I must say that my base was beautiful! I ended up using a Tide Laundry stick for my mold, and I liked having something longer. It was much easier to hold in my hand. The bias tape I had purchased worked perfectly, and I really like the color.


I got a question from Carol. You can see all my temari together in one place here. I have to find a way of marking my GITS temari, but otherwise I think there are only 3 or 4 missing from these pictures. You can see my progress in making temari from the first ones to the last. Even the ugly ones are there.

The braided kiku division starts from a c8 (complex 8), but then you find the 4 triangles by following the long diagonals on what you could call the polar squares. The triangles are hard to find the first time, but after that you can locate them easily (at least, that's how it worked for me). If you can't find them let me know, and I'll work on a diagram.


Moonsilk Stitches said...

The Temari Flickr set is amazing. I knew but I'm still stunned! I began work on my thimble but now I need to change threads so I stopped because I don't know how. So far, okay. I broke the needle but had another very similar one. I have silk threads. We should look a them some night.

carolsylvester said...

Jane--thanks for the info on the braided kiku and the link to the Flickr site. It was interesting for me to see the different patterns and types of threads you've used. I've just done S-8 divisions and am currently working on my first C-8 temari, struggling because I'm find that I can't make mostly round ball yet, which throws off my markings. I need more practice!