Friday, December 18, 2009

T is for Tree

I think this is now, and always has been, the favorite activity in the book. The acorns snap on to the tree, and when you take them off, they can be hidden in the tree trunk. In fact, this page is so popular the acorns are starting to unravel, and one of them is missing!


I finished a GITS temari last night, but I won't be able to show you until next year! It is the New Year GITS, and the people participating are asked to have the new gift in the hands of the person they are swapping with by December 31, but the box is not to be opened until January 1... usually a couple of minutes past midnight. I think seeing a new temari minutes into the new year is a wonderful way to start the year. I will share with you then the one I made, and the one I receive.

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Anonymous said...

Love your book made with lots of love...and can't wait to see the new year temaris.