Wednesday, December 16, 2009

R is for Rabbit

The page today is a rabbit in a hat. He's a cute rabbit, and when he's all the way in the hat only the tips of his ears show. He's not attached to the page, but so far he's been fine. Of course, he does not compare in cuteness to the real baby bunnies that were born to Peter and White-tail. (Peter is the mom; should have been named Peta!) C & P are in love.


I met my friend for hot cocoa last night, and we exchanged gifts (even though she had already given me presents on the night of our guild Christmas party!) I made several pot holders in the past couple of weeks, and I gave her her choice. She picked the two big ones... they didn't felt up as much as they should have, but she will give it another try. The green/brown one is crocheted from three strands of cotton thread, and is nice and heavy, I will be glad to add it to my drawer. The woven one was designed by DD1, and I did the edging. I think she may want it for her home.


The present was in this cute bag, a knitting cat, and a dish cloth knit with cotton thread. She gave it to me because as she was knitting it, she was thinking it was in my colors. So true, and so pretty! Thank you!


The sun came out yesterday during the day, and it is like a switch for me! I got home, and the needle jumped into my hand to finish this temari. It is the first one I made with floss, and it will not be the last. In this picture there is a white thread that was used for marking, that will come out.


You can compare the two here. The one using floss is much fuller with much better coverage. For all-over designs, I think floss is the way to go.


If you are interested in receiving a temari, go ahead and post on the entry for yesterday, even though Moonsilk Stitches seems to have nailed the number of squares.

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