Monday, December 14, 2009

P is for Pelican

This activity is a puzzle, put together with snaps and a button for the eye.


As you can see from the disassembled picture, it looks quite complicated. The upper beak is attached to the background, but everything else comes apart.


Here's a better picture of my Temari Challenge thread challenge. The black mari and the velvet-like threads sucked up the light in my last picture. This one was taken in front of the storm door, and even so, it is not over-exposed. I think it is simple but effective. If anything, it could use a strand of the purple metallic around the triangles, but I think I am going to leave it.


My all-over re-do is coming along, just half of one band left. It still isn't perfect, but I like it more. I'll show it along with the original so you can judge for yourself.

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