Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Q is for Quilt

This page was one of the orphans from the first try at making a book. I don't even remember what the original activity was supposed to be... I think it had something to do with a crown for a queen. This is an actual quilt, about 5 inches square. The activity, that you can read under the quilt, is to count the squares. So far no one has counted all of them, not even DD2 when she is reading with the kids. Of course, I haven't done it either, 4-year-olds can't count very high.


I noticed this is my 250th post for my blog. To celebrate, I think I will run a give-away/contest. I will send you a temari if you can tell me how many squares there are in this quilt. If there is more than one right answer, I will pick one at random. If there are no right answers, I will pick the one that is the closest.

I will have to make you a temari if you win, so give me a hint of the patterns and colors you like.


Moonsilk Stitches said...

Well, I count 56 on first count but then I realized you could group the nine patch squares into groups of four to make another square and then it began to get endless and I lost count. I think that could add 24 more. I'm looking forward to seeing you tonight!

MOM said...

I'll say 55 squares. I think I need a little more ground rules. I love that black one with jewel colors.sto

Chloe Patricia said...
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Chloe Patricia said...

ombrHello Jane, I count 80; a nine patch square consists of, of course, nine squares plus four four-squares and that makes 13, and there are 5 nine patches and 1 big nine patch here, 13 x 6 = 78. Then I haven't counted a whole big nine patch as one yet, so it is 79, plus there is a finished edge of the quilt so it makes 80 unless you want to count a page of the book as one, then it could be 81. It was fun, thnak you, Jane. Chloe Patricia