Monday, November 16, 2009

Your opinion please!

The other day I mentioned I was debating whether to start a new project or not. I'm trying very hard not to start something new, but here are the choices I'm considering:

This is the Holland Springtime mandala. It has scenes from Holland, tons of tulips, delft tiles, and I have all the supplies needed to stitch it, including a very interesting fabric that looks like blue sky with clouds. It's big.

This is an etui (sewing box) in the shape of a church. I got the (very complete) kit from DH for Christmas one year, and I've been waiting ever since then to start it. He was very pleased with himself, because he totally surprised me with it, even though I had sent him the link to it. It's medium sized.


This is a set of smalls, the coif is a needle book, the cap is a pin cushion (I think) and the glove is a scissors holder. There are a couple more items to complete the set as well. It's small.


This is a WIP that I haven't taken a stitch on in several months. It is from Nouveau Encore and is a personalized sampler, with names and dates hidden in it. It is probably 1/4 done. It's big.


I already have 1 vote toward making some fancy dresses for Isabella (18-inch doll). The fabrics are pulled, but not cut out.

As I mentioned, I am interested in hearing your opinion on what to start. (I don't promise to follow your opinion, not even of the majority) but tell me what you would do, and why. A couple of the items have guilt weighing heavily on the scale, and the others just have desire.
How do you decide what to stitch?


Moonsilk Stitches said...

Wow, that's a tough one because they're all cool projects! I probably would do the doll dresses along with one of the smaller projects while rotating the WIP in every so often. But I tend to have a lot of things going all at once and I prefer smaller projects. I loose steam on the bigger ones.

I also assess my stress level. If I foresaw the coming weeks as being busy (holidays and all), I think I'd tend to stick with the doll clothes and WIP. If things looked relatively quiet, then I'd pick something new, too.

Debi said...

Hi Jane,

What a wonderful collection to choose from! I suppose if it was me I would choose the church sewing box right now. It looks fun and unique. If your DH is like mine, he would enjoy watching you stitch it.

The doll dresses sound fun as well. I don't count them in the same type of sewing as the cross-stitch projects, so that's a no brainer.

I usually choose my projects based on what grabs me at the moment. I am shying away from bigger things right now only because they seem to take me so long. But that is mostly because I get distracted by temari and thimbles and don't work on the cross stitch much.

No matter which one you stitch I am sure you will enjoy it. They are all wonderful!

Judy S. said...

I love that Holland piece, but the others are nice, too. Usually my stitching is done with a recipient in mind which helps me finish; most of my WIPs didn't follow this "rule" and are still WIPs unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

That etui would be calling to me. It's lovely!! And that explains why I typically follow a screaming rotation. I usually go with the project that's calling my name the loudest.

Pat Winter said...

All are wonderful. My mature self would say finish the wip, but my inner child says the etui set.....whatever you choose, it will be fantastic.