Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Temari update, and thank you

I wanted to thank you for commenting on my last post (please feel free to continue to leave comments there, I'm very interested). I'm still holding off, for the moment, but I can feel myself weakening.

I finished a temari over the weekend, but I can't show it to you until Anne receives it. I can't wait to talk about it, I was bowled over by how it turned out.

These are the threads for my current temari. Can you tell I like color? I like how it is turning out too, and it is looking interesting while I am stitching, so it shouldn't be too much of an effort to finish.


I'm home with the flu or food poisoning today. I'm not feeling bad, and I've been stitching, but I can't figure out what it was. It was miserable in the middle of the night. If food sits all right I'll be going in to work tomorrow, and to the doctor, to tell the neurologist I'm all better. It is so wonderful to be "cured!" I'm still thankful.

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