Thursday, November 19, 2009

Very Productive Evening

We got home early in the evening last night, all fed and watered, so I had a long productive evening at home. I worked on my current temari. Even though it looks like a big tangled mess, I've worked out a system with the pins that helps me know where I am stitching without having to concentrate on it too much. I can pick up the ball at any free moment, and know where to stitch without having to spend several minutes figuring out the process.


I really like how this one is turning out. It is getting close to being finished.

Here's the supplies page from the church etui. I found it, and the 37 pages of directions, and the supplies to make the box/case when you get the embroidery done. I overcast the edges of the fabric (also in the picture, but you can hardly see it) but I didn't start stitching on it, because I didn't want to disturb the beautiful threads. I will be able to start stitching tonight, if I can figure out what color to stitch the line dividing the roof from the steeple.


I also got the first pieces cut out of the "Snow White" princess doll dress. I found the Wonder Under and got it ironed on, and cut out! (The red tear-drop pieces for the sleeves.)


I received a message about which project to work on this morning, on my way to work. My classical music radio station that I listen to in the car played "Hi ho! Hi ho! It's off to work we go" this morning, the theme from Snow White, and the Seven Dwarf's (in the style of Mozart, so as not to abuse the delicate sensibilities of classical music listeners). It doesn't get much clearer than that. Plus, if I don't get this dress done, I will lose my "grandma in good standing" credits.

By the end of the evening I was moving faster and faster to not fall asleep; it reminded me of how I used to feel when I was six years old. I managed to stay up until bed time, and I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.


MOM said...

You are still doing that - running harder and harder so as to not fall asleep? I used to marvel at other children who fell asleep in arms or in a corner somewhere. The truth to tell, all your siblings did the same. Mostly you all fell asleep without fussing when you DID get to bed. :>)

MOM said...

After that last comment I again marvel at your creativeness and the beautiful things you make.Love