Wednesday, November 18, 2009

In the interests of completeness

I just had to mention that there's another project I am contemplating starting, along with the list I posted on Monday. I didn't want anyone to be shocked if that one shows up instead of anything on the list. I am collecting the tutorials from Mary Corbet on lettering in embroidery, and yesterday when I was home, I started writing down a Bible verse to practice on. It's no where ready to go yet, but I think it will be happening. My friend Moonsilk Stitches did Mary's long and short stitch tutorial, and that was very helpful as well.

I think Pat summarized my dilemma the best: my inner adult wants me to finish the WIP, but my inner child wants to start the church etui. My inner student wants to do the tutorial. I have a feeling the child is going to win.

One of my guilds, Homewood Embroidery Guild, started a new blog this week, and I will be contributing to that. Check it out here. I hope you enjoy your visit.

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