Friday, July 1, 2011

Day in Chicago, part 5 of 5--Millenium Park

We were nearing the end of our time in the city. We walked across Michigan Avenue, and came to this, the new wing of the Art Institute, with a bridge to Millenium Park. We were just in time to take the elevator up to the top of the bridge (the building closed at 5 PM) and we were able to walk across to the park.


The views are stunning from every direction! This is northwest, toward the Crown Fountain.


You can just catch a glimpse of the top of one of the pillars with the faces. You could probably see more in the winter, but I am not sure you would want to loiter on the bridge in the winter-time!


This is to the north east, the Lurie Gardens and the Pritzger Pavilion.


This is back to the south east, the artwork on the outside of the Art Institute. I am going to have to get back here to see what is inside.


And to the east, Lake Michigan! Have I mentioned what a beautiful day it was?


Here is another view of the Priztger Pavilion with the trellis over the great lawn holding the sound system and the lights. Under this garden and pavilion there are parking garages, the Harris Theater, and the train station!


Then of course we had to stop and enjoy gazing at the Bean. It got the name Bean because of its shape. The artist had not named it soon enough, so the people did. It's official name is Cloud Gate, and you can see why because the whole sky is reflected. I love the curvy buildings in this one.


This is the official portrait of our group. Don't we look styling? I think I should have dressed up a little more to match the rest of the group. You can also see the reflection of the wheel chair. We did not want it in the picture, but forgot that everything is reflected.


Tucked away in a corner there is a place to rent bikes (over 300 of them!) and a place to fix them, and to clean up after riding.


This is another bridge into the park from the northeast. Where the first bridge was straight as an arrow, this one curves back and forth, and you get the feeling of walking along the tree-tops. The view is not as fantastic, but the experience was still wonderful. We did not go all the way across, though. I for one was getting a little weary, and we were ready to start back home.


We got a glimpse of the taste, and we dodged a lot of the people that were heading in that direction, but no one was terribly disappointed not to go.


So that was our big day! I am so grateful I got to go with someone who knows what to share. A lot of the things we saw you could walk past for days and not even know they were there. I am not sorry I do not live in Chicago, but I do like being near enough to visit, explore, and see so many interesting things!

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LW said...

Great photos, Jane! Thanks for sharing. We sometimes forget what a beautiful city is so near us.