Friday, July 1, 2011

Day in Chicago, part 2 of 5, Marshall Fields building

By now, on our big adventure, we were getting hungry, and were starting to have trouble concentrating on all the interesting things our guide was sharing with us. When asked for her recommendations, she suggested either the Subway next to the Cultural Center, or the Frango Cafe in the Marshall Fields building. Which would you pick?

(If you are from Chicago, you will know that the Marshall Field Building now houses the Macy Department store. Although the Macy people do not understand it, many Chicagoans still feel a strong sense of loss since Marshall Fields is gone, and resentment that Macy's has taken its place.)

Up on the 7th floor, there are several choices for eating, including the Walnut Room, which is a traditional place to eat at Christmas because of the 2 1/2 story Christmas tree. I was very happy to see the Walnut room, even without the tree.


Very elegant! We did not eat there, however, but in the Frango Cafe. I did not take a picture of it, even though it was picture worthy, with very modern design. The food was very good, and the company was wonderful!

Looking over the side after lunch I saw this composition of escalators. I like the kaleidoscope look of them.

After lunch we went to the 5th floor to look at the ceiling that Tiffany designed and oversaw the installation. My pictures really do not do it justice at all. The mosaic is pearlescent, which of course does not show up in pictures, and it really glows. The best view is from the lingerie department!


Tiffany lamp. There were originally 4 of these. Two are still hanging, one was broken, and the last one mysteriously showed up in the Mays (Target) headquarters, the previous owners of Fields.

The store was added to 5 times, and I think it takes up a whole city block. Even though this looks like two buildings, it is all Fields building. The oldest building is from the 1890s, and the main building was in 1907.


There are more pictures here if you are interested. Stay tuned for State Street.

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