Friday, July 1, 2011

Day in Chicago, part 3 of 5--State Street

We came out of Fields (Macy's) on to State street (that great street! LOL). I was struck by the contrast of the ornate stone buildings with the shiny glass Trump Tower. As you can tell, we had a wonderful day, weather-wise. Not a cloud in the sky, and it was not even hot!, just comfortably warm.
Across the street from the Fields building is this "skyscraper" which was an early one in Chicago. The outside of it is terracotta. It is now a boutique motel with a very high end restaurant.


This is the Carson's building. I really love this ornamentation. The original plan was to have it in bronze! but that would have cost too much, so this is wrought iron.

Just beautiful!
There is great excitement, because Target is planning on opening a store in this space. That will make groceries available in this neighborhood, and will continue the tradition of department stores along State Street... at one time there were seven (!) department stores right along here.

Carsons and this building are at the center of the (Chicago) universe. The numbering zeros out at State and Madison. This brown building is very traditional Chicago architecture, with a 2 story space at the bottom for commerce, the large fixed glass and smaller side glass windows that can open, and the pediment at the top.

This is not strictly on State street, but it fits better here than anywhere else. This is the ceiling of the lobby of a smaller building next to the Palmer House. These tiles are Rookwood ceramics!


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