Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Camera Trouble

I have some temari to share, but my camera battery died this morning, and I couldn't immediately find the charger. DH and I both remember where we saw it last, but it is not there now! I hope I do not have to buy a new one. I have been meaning to buy another battery so I don't end up camera-less again.

I am glad it happened this way, though. C's Sunday School program was scheduled for last Sunday night, but was cancelled because of the weather. I would have been very upset if I had run out of batteries for that! My camera will be in working order by next Sunday, which is the rescheduled date, I promise!

Now I can't decide whether to stop at the store on the way home, or look around at home once more. I am leaning toward stopping at the store; I hate being without my camera!


Temari Addict Australia said...

Jane, if you are after a battery for you camera check out ebay. I got 2 for my camera last year for the same price as one from the camera shop. Now I have one in the camera, a spare in my bag and one on charge at home. I think there are little goblins that come out at night and hide things around the house... or it might be kids... or in my case my husband who loves to clean things away into the most obscure places. Bless him!

Can't wait to see your new temari.
Rebecca from Perth

Gina said...

This happened to me recently too! I couldn't find the charger where I last thought I saw it. (my computer desk) Next day I took everything off the desk and found it, shoved back behind the monitor and covered by a paper!