Thursday, December 9, 2010


I got several presents at the Christmas party on Tuesday night. Our Christmas get-togethers are always so much fun. For the past several years we have had an Italian buffet with several kinds of salads, several kinds of pasta, and a couple of kinds of pizza, with a sundae buffet for dessert.

My friend from Moonsilk Stitches gave me this original angel, decorated with 3 special buttons, and with holly around the hem of her dress, and the wooden Angel buttons from Vogue fabrics. She knows I decorate with Angels at Christmas, and so always indulges me. Thank you!


I got an abundance of gifts from my Secret Stitcher. I knew she was someone who read my blog, and it turned out to be Karol. Thank you again Karol for the great gifts all year long!

The first thing I pulled out of the gift bag was this canvas tote bag with a TemariKai logo on it! I am thrilled with it. I will be studying the pictures as well to see if there are any new patterns to make. I have a feeling this may become my new favorite tote bag. I don't know if I should use it for my regular guild meeting bag, or if I should save it for when I have a Temari class. Decisions, decisions!


Next I pulled out this "Locker Hooking" trivet in autumn colors. The technique looks interesting, and it would be possible to get a lot of beautiful colors into projects. It does remind me, though, that I should get going on my toothbrush rug. (The problem with the rug is that it has not been laying very flat, and I am fearing I may have to take a couple of rows out. The thought scares me so much I have been avoiding looking. I should just bite the bullet and find out.)


In the bottom of the bag there were all these goodies, a bookmark with a cross, a note-pad for my purse (C always asks for paper to draw on when we are out, so it will come in handy), and a pretty Nativity ornament. Thank you again Karol!


Last night I got invited to another Christmas party with people from my exercise class. I am trying to talk myself out of wanting to make Temari ornaments for each person in the class... but I don't know if I will be successful or not. I would need 8 for next Tuesday. I'm thinking small and simple... I will let you know.

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MOM said...

swhat fun to have so many gift-giving friends. Christmas morning--well, hint to SIL: there must be something she wants. We all have the blessing of the gift of God's Son! Love