Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Temari

I have stitched another handful of Christmas temari to give away this season. In fact, I gave away two yesterday without getting pictures! I know! How could I! My only excuse is that my battery was dead, and I lost my head.

This one is a simple Kiku, stitched with rayon threads from India. The base is made from one plastic grocery bag, and is only about 1 1/2 to 2 inches in diameter. This size temari is turning out so cute!


The other two I gave away were this size as well. One was a red base, stitched in a c8, with 8 different snowflake designs on the 6-part triangles, stitched in white pearl #4 braid. It is very sparkly and very pretty. The other was a s8, with a 4-petal red kiku and a 4 petal white kiku (I think it was on a red background as well), in interwoven style, stitched with #8 pearl. The contrast gives a very graphic look, and the kiku looks very different.

This small format is giving me a chance to stitch with some different fibers, and I am having quite a bit of fun.

I did give in last night and stopped by our electronic big box store for an extra battery and charger. DH says I paid too much, and he is right! I stored the new items (after charging up my camera, of course) in the drawer with the rest of the batteries. Next time I am looking for it, remind me, okay?

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