Monday, February 15, 2010

Olympic Challenge

I've been reading about the stitching Olympics and the knitting Olympics, so I guess it is only fair that there be temari Olympics, to go along with the Winter Olympics. I saw the challenge on Sunday, so I decided to play along.

P had an "Olympic Party" at school on Friday, instead of a Valentine's day party. He was so excited about it, he talked more about school than I have ever heard him do before. His class (2nd grade) all had to wear black to school; he had black pants and sweatshirt on, but was unhappy because his shirt had white figures on it. They had to "stand on a rope" which I guess means that the different classes traced out the Olympic rings with their clothing. I really am hoping to see a picture, it sounds like some very creative teachers (or parents) had fun with planning.

So, when it came time to pick out a pattern, I had the rings on my mind. I had DD double check the colors for me on line, and quickly stitched up this temari.


It is a c10, with a disappearing marking. I included the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals to emphasize that this is an Olympic temari; I wonder if P will like it?

Another suggestion for Olympic temari was to use the Vancouver colors that are on all the venues, athlete bibs and score-boards. I love the turquoise and green they are using, and I've pulled those colors to use on another temari I will stitch on this week.

I stitched on my Advent Calendar this weekend. I'm working on Elijah under the broom tree. C keeps calling it "our" sampler (!) and she loves to help me and tell me what to stitch next. I (we) finished the tree, and the bird, and now I'm supposed to be working on the ground, but I decided to stitch Elijah laying on the ground instead.

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MOM said...

Beautiful! All it needs now is the music.