Friday, February 19, 2010

Japanese Thimbles

I had a wonderful gift waiting for me last night when I got home. Chloe Patricia sent me a Japanese Thimble in exchange for a temari.

This is it! Exquisite! A Japanese thimble is supposed to fit on your middle finger, and is used to push the needle with the side of your finger. The system would work well for me the way I stitch, but this thimble will not be used that way, I would be too afraid of messing up the stitching.


This is the picture Chloe Patricia sent me so I could pick the thimble I wanted. Don't they look like jewels?
(Click on the picture to see them close up.)

Even more exciting, she sent me a preformed base with the stitching started, and another base to practice adding the padding and...


All the supplies needed to start from scratch. Silk thread; bias tape; silk batting for cushioning; and the paper strips that give the thimble its body and are used for marking.


Besides that, she gave me an additional started base to share with a friend. This will not be a random give-away, but if you are interested, let me know. Hopefully, with this help from Chloe Patricia, I will be able to make the bases myself, so more than one request will hopefully not be a problem.

You can make these larger as well, big enough to wear as bracelets, or use as the base for a pin cushion, or wider and used as a pendant/bead on a necklace cord. The possibilities are endless!

DH is worried about new addictions.


MOM said...

How in the wide world were you able to decide which one you wanted? They are so pretty. You answered my question about different sizes possible. I was thinking about bases to match the temaris for display.

Chloe Patricia said...

Jane, thank you for mentioning me in the post. If you have any question, just let me know and I am happy to help. Happy stitching! Chloe Patricia

Lelia said...


What kind of silk threads are used? I couldn't tell from the picture.

Karol said...

They are lovely. Hope to see them at Guild.

ranestorm said...

these are GORGEOUS! i'd so love to have one!

Loralynn said...

How lovely! I would love to have one, but more importantly, I would love to know how to make my own! I can see one stuck in every project bag!

Cheryl said...

These are so beautiful.
I would really like to
have one and learn how
to make them.
Thank you.

Shari said...

What marvelously beautiful stitching 'tools'. I would love to have a copy of those instructions and whatever little hints you can provide so that I can make these for my stitching buddies for this next Christmas season. I know you only have one to give away but do you have permission to run off the instructions that you could share?
Thank you for the opportunity to see these and learn more about them.