Thursday, December 3, 2009

H is for Hands

The page for today features a clock with people hands as it's time-piece hands.


DH and I have noticed that many kids do not learn to tell time any more from a clock-face; they depend on digital clocks. When I was a kid I do remember my confusion about a toy clock that had the 1-12 numbers in front, and the minute numbers behind. I could not figure out what that second set of numbers was for. My grand kids don't get this page either. They swipe at the hands and go on.

I mentioned yesterday that I got a very generous gift from my friend from Moonsilk Stitches. She was not at the party, but sent everyone her gifts with a friend. This is a box of antique threads suitable for temari. The threads are rayon, made in India.


Here's the view inside the box. Four of the spools contain 1,000 meters of thread, but the smaller spools, containing variegated thread, contain 550 meters.


I tried to get pictures of the end of the spools so you could see the variegation.


I gave away the temari ball I made with autumn leaves on it. I'm so intrigued by the pattern and the c8 coming through on a c10 ball that I think I will use these threads to make myself another one of those. Even though I could look at it for ages, it didn't take long to make, perfect for this season.


MOM said...

I'll be interested to hear how the rayon thread is to work with. Rayon used to be. Rayon tended to twist and knot 'in the olden days'.

MOM said...

Missed something there, didn't I