Tuesday, December 1, 2009

F is for Flowers

On the page for today the spring-time flowers grow (about 2 inches). This activity is easy, and seems to always be a favorite. Felt is glued to cardboard shapes to keep the flowers rigid.


After my inspiring temari day last Friday, I finished this temari. I don't think it is a great success. The colors are too dark for the pattern, or I should have had a dark base; the white shows through too much and distracts from the pattern. I like the colors themselves, Anne pulled out a color wheel, and this is a spot-on triad, 3 colors equidistant around the wheel. The stitching (and the photography) needs a little improvement.


This is a combination 8: 6 hollow squares stitched at the 6 faces, and then bands interweaving around each dimension. I really like the arrangement of the colors, just not these colors, so much.

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MOM said...

But I think the temari is quite elegant. Haven't seen one yet that you'd want to toss.