Friday, April 3, 2009

I finished a Temari

Here's a picture of the temari I finished last night. I'm not terribly pleased with it. I used some of the variegated thread I got from Stitching Bits and Bobs, the thread is "Hand-Dyed Hues" from New Zealand, color number 506. There is not enough contrast between the thread and the fiber to highlight the floral shapes that were supposed to show up. I tried to help by stitching blue French knots between the petal shapes, and it is better than it was, but still not a great success.

The pattern is from Cosmo 6, page 8, number 3 on that page. It is a c10 with extra marking lines. That one was stitched with a variegated thread that ranged from deep rose to pink, on a black background.


I used up every inch of the skein, and had to use DMC in the darker shade for some of the small diamonds and for the french knots. The HDH comes in 20m skeins, whereas DMC comes in 27m skeins. I was worrying that I would have enough thread to finish, and since I bought it on sale, in a bundle, I didn't think I could get more. I made a mistake on one of the flowers, that should be frogged and redone, but I have no more thread to make repairs. (Don't worry looking for it, I made sure it wasn't in the picture.) [Actually, you can see a corner of the mistake at 10 o'clock on the ball.]


This is a small, plain biscornu (or tuffet) that I put together for practice.

I have posted several items previously that live in the apothecary jar: The strawberry and pear from North Carolina (except the pear was eaten by Jake, which is why they no longer live in a basket); the smalls from Paula; the tuffet on a stool that turned out so pretty; and the small card/fabric baskets I made last November.

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