Monday, December 8, 2008

Advent, Day 8

Here's Moses parting the Red Sea. This one went very quickly.

day 8

At my guild Christmas party last Tuesday I received an Indigo Rose kit from Marj; and I love it. It's a biscornu; it came with a little stool and everything you need to finish it. I love the colors, Caron Waterlilies Frangipani and Flamingo. (The separate cross stitches remind me of the dots candy (that you had to eat off the paper) from when I was a kid.) I do think my tassels need a haircut; they drag on the ground. But isn't that button just perfect?


It took me several times to get a good picture. On a white background the tassels disappear, on a dark background it becomes overexposed... what to do? Well, my chair upholstery is neutral, try that. Voila!


Marjorie said...

I can't believe you finished the biscornu pincushion already! I'm amazed. It is really pretty-prettier than the picture on the box! I'm so happy you liked it.

Lelia said...

Awesome biscornu Jane! yes, they do look like candy dots : )

I'm enjoying the Advent Calendar project very much.

I can only guess those patterns are no longer available???

Vonna said...

What a pretty biscornu! Love it :o)
AND Jesus parting the waters!