Monday, August 11, 2008

"Virtuous Woman" sampler

I'm on vacation this week, in Michigan, at my mom and dad's house. I thought I would take this opportunity to post a couple of my treasures that live here.

This is a sampler based on Proverbs 31, a poem to a virtuous woman. I stitched this one for my mother, because I thought it was very appropriate. The fabric is an antique linen fabric that came from my grandmother's household. It was originally hemmed to be a scarf for the top of a piano. I used the same linen for a couple of "botanical print" flowers and I still have some of the linen left. It is more or less a 36 count. The floss is DMC.

Sampler Prov. 31
The most interesting thing about the fabric is that in some of the slubs there was some fibrous plant material, my guess is from the flax plant. At the bottom right there is a small hole, and there is another one that I darned and stitched over. I did date this one when I made it (Always sign and date your work!). I finished it in 1991.

Our stay here so far has been very traumatic. We brought our dog with us on vacation (as we have for the past 8 years) and he attacked my sister. We had to "send him to the farm." We are very sad and still reeling from the suddenness of it.

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Marjorie said...

Oh, I am sooo sorry to hear about your vacation trauma! I hope the remaining days are calmer.