Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Brick Stitch "amulet bag"

I made this bag as one of the assignments in an EGA correspondence course. I designed the color changes myself, mostly by buying 5 shades of matching colors and then changing them gradually as I worked the piece. The triangle was worked into the regular stitching, but it did not show up enough so I outlined it with an additional row of beads. Most of the fringe is just a plain row of beads, but several of the fringes have beads on the ends, and several have small fish swimming among the branches.

The triangles at the top echo the triangle edging, and there were enough beads left over to make the necklace.

Brick Stitch Amulet Bag

My mom asked me to make her a turquoise necklace, and picked up the materials for it. It was taking me a long time so she kept this bag hostage until I finished it. When I got the necklace finished mom was getting ready to give it back to me, but I could tell from her face she wanted to keep it. So it's on permanent loan to her.

I will post a picture of the necklace tomorrow.


Lydia said...

I did NOT hold this hostage. It just went with me to Arizona for the winter. I wear it often and usually get at least one comment. I always tell them my daughter made it. Oohs and Aahs. Lydia

Karol said...

Great Job. What a beautiful piece.

JLC Studio said...

LOL...you're too funny Oma!