Saturday, August 16, 2008

Amish Quilt

This is a queen sized quilt in a diamond pattern, with a small star appliqued to the center. My mom wanted a quilt in these colors, and we took the pattern from a book about Amish quilts. The fabric is a polyester blend, and the batting is cotton. I did the piecing, and drew up the quilting designs.

Amish quilt

I did the quilting of the wreath in the center, but I did not do the rest of it; we found a church group in the Chicago area who did the quilting (for a very reasonable price) following the designs I had drawn out. I have decided that quilting is not my forte, specially when I am working by myself.
Amish quilt detail
The center portion has feathered wreaths, the pink bands have a grapevine motif (including the grapes) and the blue triangles have a plant design. It turned out very pretty, but it is quite heavy, which is why it is hanging on the wall and is not on the bed.

We are back home from Michigan, but we have another week of vacation. Any suggestions of things to do?


Karol said...

Beautiful quilt!! Enjoy the rest of your vacation. My suggestion would be a day or two of stitching!

Marjorie said...

Lovely quilt-I'm sure your mom is pleased.
Things to do: Lubeznik Museum in Michigan City (just north of the outlet mall) has an exhibit of prints from the St. John Bible--the first illuminated hand-letterd Bible commissioned by a monestary in, I think, 500 years. I've read about this in Somerset Studio and seeing the actual prints was wonderful. The illustrations are full of symbolism and very thoughtful images. THe exhibit is upstairs.
Ragtops, a "museum" for convertibles is next door. (We've never gone there.)
We drive back along Rt.12-- In Pines there's a restaurant we used to stop at, Pumps on 12: Then we drive along to the Dunes for a bit. Marjorie

Lelia said...

What a marvelous quilt. Piecing is enough work - I totally understand having it quilted by other hands!!! Beautiful designs & colors.

I agree with marjorie -- that is one place I would like to visit next week!!