Friday, August 1, 2008

Batik map of Indonesia

I know technically batik is not embroidery, but this is a very cool textile. This is a machine made batik. I have seen other copies of the same design, and it is very well thought out and executed.

There are only three colors, the white fabric, a brown/tan dye, and the dark navy dye. I find it very interesting how the white areas show up. Of course, they were the first things covered with the resist, and they are all small areas. All the white lettering is done in dots. There is only one small area (the middle by the right border) where you can see the typical "crackle" pattern you expect from batik. The border is made up of smaller elements that the eye connects together.

The names of the islands are in navy on the white patterns... it takes a lot of planning to keep those areas open so they will take the dye eventually.


This panel was a gift through work. It has been on display for many months and has not faded, as far as I can tell.

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